こけし絵付け体験と秋保温泉 (Kokeshi Painting and Akiu Hot Spring)

 Akiu Onsen Area is about 30 minutes’ from Sendai Station by car.  A pair of giant kokeshi dolls will welcome you.  If you visit Mr, Suzuki at Ganguan, you can experience hand-painting a kokeshi doll.  As the staff will explain how to paint it by using illustrations, just feel free to try it!  Why don’t you bring back your own kokeshi doll as a souvenir with fond memories?  

 After enjoying Kokeshi painting, I recommend you to go to Akiu hot spring! 

 It is located at the upstream of Natori River, and blessed with beautiful natural scenery.  According to the survey conducted by Rakuten in 2017, Akiu was ranked at the 7th among the most popular hot spring places in Japan.  The most famous Ryokan (Japanese inn) in Akiu is Sakan, which has 1000 years of tradition and said to be bathing place of Masamune Date, lord of Sendai Domain. 

 Just across the street, you’ll be able to buy Ohagi (Japanese sweet) in Saichi supermarket.  It’s so delicious!!  








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